2626 S Loop W, Suite 115, Houston, TX 77054


We Provide

Rapid and objective assessment
of brain related conditions

We provide the only FDA-cleared non-invasive medical device that assesses patients for both brain bleeding and concussions at the time of injury.

We Provide

Quick assessment of mild head injuries.

  • Designed for accurate, fast & easy assessment of mild head injuries
  • Demonstrated 99% accuracy in identifying the likelihood of the smallest detectable level of blood (>1 mL).
  • Determine concussion status at same time with same setup and recording.
  • Demonstrated to reduce patient length of stay in the emergency department.
  • Integrate easily into busy environments.   
  • Intuitive design requires minimal to no training to operate.

We Provide

Enhanced patient care and brain health.

  • Electroencephalogram to detect concussion, brain dysfunction, and brain hemorrhages <1mm
  • 8 FDA Clearances
  • Funded in part and with case studies by the Department of Defense & NFL
  • Objective & Quantitative findings of Concussion/Mild Head Injury
  • Prep, Test, Results within 30 mins max

We Provide

Enhanced patient testing.

Using a proprietary 8-electrode disposable headset, the handheld medical device records brain electrical activity

  • This test is intended to assess head injury from victims of personal injury or involved in car accidents.
  • This test guarantees the most accurate results within the first 72 hours of injury/concussion, which is why our test is mobile to travel to the patient.

*Test is administered at 2 main locations and is Mobile using a sprinter van.


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2626 S Loop W
Suite 115
Houston, TX 77054

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